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About us
Our cats are loved members of our family first, breeding is an added joy. Our goal is to maintain
health and the natural look and size of the Maine Coon while ensuring loving and affectionate

We have been registered in FIFé under the name "DK Naughty Coon" since 2005.
For a short period we registered our cats in TICA under the name "Naughtycoons", as it got
prohibited to breed polydactyl cats in FIFé. At the time we had poly cats in our breeding
We are now registered in WCF under the club DanaCat under the name "Naughty Coon*DK".

We are a BARF cattery, our cats are only fed raw homemade meat, if you are looking for a kitten
here, decide if you will continue to feed raw meat as it is a requirement to be considered for one of
our kittens.
We will of course always help with the composition of the food and where to buy the various ingredients
to suit your kitten/cat's age and needs.
Feeding BARF is not as daunting as it may seem at first glance - we have written "Why BARF" to help understand what it entails and why we have made the switch from quality dryfood to BARF.
The Danish version is online - the English version is on the way.

Our kittens are between 14-16 weeks of age before they move to their new home.
Pet kittens will have their pedigree, a contract from us, health certificate, and will be vaccinated, chipped and neutered.
A kitten sold for breeding will have their pedigree, a contract, transfer, passport and the required vaccinations together with health certificate.

We hope that you enjoy your time here in our little corner of the web.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Please also visit us on Facebook.

Kind regards,